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Live with confidence

We are on a mission to give you the resources and opportunities you need to enter a professional life that makes a difference.

We’re building a community of creative thinkers who are passionate about the technology world.

We then match you with mentors and personalized learning paths.


Are you ready?

There is a rapid growth of new jobs appearing on the market.

Companies are being digitalized.

Tasks are being automated.

The world needs creative thinkers that have complementary skills to the ones mastered by robots.


Are you ready to enter the digitalized job market?


If you don’t really know the path you want to take and you’d like to explore your options in a hands-on environment, this is for you!

We take you on an 8-week journey where you’re matched with mentors and attend specialized workshops. You’ll be given the insights and opportunities you need to discover how things work within corporations and startups and how you can bring value.

For this program, we select a small group of deep-tech companies and a small group of motivated talent to go through a focused program that will end with job-matchmaking.

The program provides a personalized off/online learning path to each student and focuses on the skills the companies need now and in the future.

You have an idea of what you want to do, but now you need to test it?

We take you on either a full or half academic year journey where you work with your peers on solving companies’ challenges. Additional to your internship, we give you access to tailored knowledge that will help you understand your identity, work with your emotions, and gain communication, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.

We support you to make life and career choices that are aligned with who you are as a person, not what society provides as success definitions. 

You self-assess your life and also create a powerful vision for your future. Customized on your purpose, we approach subjects like wellness, happiness, critical thinking, authentic expression, self-esteem, compassion, and mindfulness.

“It helped me understand how to approach the job-seeking process."

Bianca Boscornea, 21 y.o

1. Apply via our form

2. We’ll do the screening of your application

3. Depending on the chosen program, we’ll get to know each other via an online interview


Not sure which program to take?

Start with the confidence and emotional resilience program.


Society pushes us to move faster, achieve more, be more. Until you wake up one day and start asking yourself “What do I really want?” , “Where do I start?” “How do I figure all this out?” , "I feel sad, stressed. What do I do?"

No 1 advice entrepreneurs give others is “know yourself first”.

Before working with someone else, learn how to work with yourself - with your body, your mind, your whole being.

The Program's Curriculum

Emotional Acuity

Understanding yourself and your emotions especially stress and anxiety


Time Management

How to manage your time efficiently and the importance of daily rituals

Social Development & Interpersonal Skills

Understanding expectations, attachments, and people



Self-belief, self-confidence, communication

Courage & Confidence

How to deal with setbacks, failures in life, and how to show confidence

Growth Mindset

Entering a state of creative problem solving